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2022 Vision Series Press Release

For Immediate Release: 9-7-2022 2022 Vision Series Press Release


New Middletown, OH: In July of 2022, Hitch-Hiker Mfg., announced the most significant product launch of their new product line called Vision Series. Hitch-Hiker Mfg. has been serving the amusement industry with innovation and forward-thinking for 53 years, building custom concession trailers. The innovatively designed Vision Series is a patent-pending marquee with a complete, full-front LED screen that incorporates an outdoor-rated, next-generation technology, stackable design, and direct view LED displays with pixel pitches from 0.6mm to 0.9mm count. This resolution offers the highest visual experience to all viewers. The content creation team works with the custom graphic design team to ensure the visual experience is next level. Set up and operating the marquee screen has been designed in-house specifically for the concession clients' needs for ease of use and to maintain.

What started as an idea in development back in 2005 has since been put through extensive research and development. This product offering became a reality this summer with the launch of the first Vision Series trailer featuring ICEE as it was ready for final set-up and moved off the production line. Since then, two more custom-built Vision Series trailers have been finalized and delivered from our production line.

Holly Swartz, Co-Owner of Hitch-Hiker Mfg, stated, “ We are not a stagnant company, we are always looking to the future, and our clients are looking for a competitive edge. In everything we do, there is much invested in R & D and safety for the end user for operations. The technology of the Vision Series is a new way for our customer's products to be seen. This is the future, we love making their food products look great, but this LED marquee makes it all come alive and is spectacular!”

Hitch-Hiker Mfg. Vision Series details:

  • Extensive hours of R&D, resources, and training have been applied to the success of this new product line.

  • The ability to showcase all the customer's products through active content on the LED screen versus the traditional static marquee signage.

  • The LED Marquee and visual content will attract and increase the number of customers.

  • Hitch-Hiker Mfg.’s Vision Series is Patent Pending.

About Hitch-Hiker Mfg.: Hitch-Hiker Mfg. was created in 1969 and is second-generation ownership with the up-and-coming third-generation learning various aspects of the business. Started by Fred Swartz and Rhoda Swartz. What started as an “I can build that” mindset, matched with his incredible work ethic, led to finding success in their niche business. Custom Built Concession trailers in the amusement industry became their life’s work. Their son, Jeff Swartz, became involved in his early years and continued his involvement after college. His experience, technical skills, and passion for building allowed Jeff to take over and improve the graphic department and product design which was the catalyst for growth, and the industry took notice. Later, Jeff and his wife, Holly Swartz, purchased the business from his parents and continued to make significant advancements in their industry from coast to coast. Over 50 years later, Hitch-Hiker Mfg. has won awards for its graphics and has been honored as Manufacturer of the year for the Greater Ohio Showmen. Accreditations from the National Association of Trailer Manufacturing, National Sanitation Foundation, and Central Electric Inspection Bureau make a better product for their customers. Hitch-Hiker Mfg. remains the industry leader in value, quality, innovation, and service. Over the past several decades, Hitch-Hiker has continued to advance the level of the carnival food industry. From setting the standards with Electrical Codes, Pushing requirements for Fire Suppressions Systems in mobile food units nationwide, becoming a compliant member of the NATM, and achieving NSF certifications to offer the top quality our customers have come to know and expect.


Written by Jessica Coggins & Holly Swartz Hitch-Hiker Manufacturing 330-542-3052


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