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The Hitch-Hiker 5 Series trailers range from 24' to 30' in length. Additional room for greater workspace, equipment, service windows and more volume minded workflows. The 5 Series is designed to handle large attendance venues with heavy product output. More product out the window always equals more profits for the owners. Designed to fit needs of Mid to Larger Sized Carnival Owners to Professional Independent Operators with major fairs or locations that demand high levels of production. These trailers will drive fair goers straight to your service windows and profits pouring to your pockets!

Package Includes:

  • Heavy Steel Frame with Removable Hitch

  • 16k Tandem Torsion Axle package

  • Heavy Duty Tire and Solid Wheel

  • 215-75R 17.5 Radial Trailer Tires

  • Drop Leg & Cranking Corner Leveling Jacks

  • All LED 12 Volt ICC Lighting package

  • All Aluminum Flooring, Wall and Roof construction

  • NSF Approved Polyurea Floor Covering

  • PPG Full Body Prime and HVLP Paint

  • Top Cabinets with Lift Up Cabinet Doors

  • Bottom Cabinets with Removable Cabinet Door

  • Stainless Steel Countertops

5 series hitch-hiker mfg.
  • 7 Stainless Steel Fold Out Service Counters

  • Tempered Glass Package, Full Framed

  • 150 AMP Electrical Package with Cam Box

  • Concession Sink Package with Base Plumbing

  • 8 Bi-Fold Awnings with Backlit Sign Panels

  • Recessed Under Awning Lighting

  • Corner Signs with Panels and Pies

  • Body Skirt with Valance and Awning Valance

  • 90" Tall Flip up Roof Marquee with Top Shape

  • Advanced Upper and Lower Graphic Package

  • 3M Vinyl Print and Laminate

  • Roof Access Hatch with Telescoping Ladder

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