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Working with the Hitch-Hiker Menu

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Learn how to use the Hitch-Hiker Mfg. Digital Menu System.

  1. Connect to your Hitch-Hiker Trailer wifi from your phone.

  2. Your phone should recognize the Bright Sign Player as an option to select.

  3. Once selected, open your BrightSign app.

  4. Select an item or price and adjust as needed.

  5. Once saved, allow a moment for the program to update.

  6. Review the change made on the screen.

Don't have a Hitch-Hiker Digital Menu, check it out below!



Unrecognized Device

First, be sure you are on your Hitch-Hiker Trailer provided wifi. If you are and you are still unrecognized, shut off your wifi and turn back on after a minute.

Menu Item Not Updating

Video Footage Not Updating


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