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Introduced in late 2009, The Hitch-Hiker RS Series stands for Retractable Suspension system that can be optioned into any of our concession trailers 4 Series and up.

The trailer itself is quite different in design when this option is chosen. The floor becomes a flat floor replacing our conventional drop floor. The hitch now slides into the frame for setup and storage instead of needing to be pulled out and carried away from the unit. The lower counters are designed to be at a good working height for the workers inside the trailer as well as a nice low access for your customers outside. The wheel access is a slightly different method of operation, and finally the top cabinets are slightly smaller in height as a result of needing to maintain legal height limits for traveling over the road in transport position. As you can see, the option is much more involved than just a repositionable axle.


This system itself is operated via Hydraulic Controls and Cylinders that Rotate Rubber Torsion Axles. When this system is raised for transport and pinned into place, there is no chance of the system dropping or releasing while in transit like other style air ride systems that can leak out air, or break air bags. Care has also been taken in a design that give access for maintenance, battery access and so forth. Even in the unlikely event of a problem, it is possible to manually raise the unit, lock the suspension in transport position and still be able to travel to the next location.


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